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Blockchain, as a source of decentralized trust, is forming the underlying infrastructure for a variety of applications such as payments, decentralized finance (DeFi), the decentralized web (Web3), NFTs, and even cryptography protocols. Given how blockchains relate to such a wide variety of applications and to so many areas of computer science and economics, there is a lot to learn and understand how this field evolves. With Blockchains + X, we will conduct a series of workshops each focusing on some subset of topics.

Workshop 1: Blockchains + Trusted Execution Environments

Our first workshop focuses on research and practice at the intersection of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and Blockchains. Trusted hardware provides us with a source of trust rooted in hardware, and they find applications in the design of consensus protocols, mitigating MEV, and well perhaps even improving cryptography protocols. Is the use of trusted hardware too strong of an assumption? Doesn’t it trivialize the problem? Isn’t it broken?

We will have a series of talks from industry and academia focusing on some of the topics discussed above and perhaps shedding some light on answering some of these questions too!



(All times in Eastern Time)

3rd April  
10.00 AM - 10.15 AM Introduction
10.15 AM - 10.45 AM Natacha Crooks
10.45 AM - 11.15 AM Heidi Howard
11.15 AM - 11.45 AM Mic Bowman
11.45 AM - Noon Break
Noon - 12.30 PM Panel
12.30 PM - 1.00 PM Matt Green
1.00 PM - 1.30 PM Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach

4th April  
10.05 AM - 10.15 AM Introduction
10.15 AM - 10.45 AM Nick Hynes
10.45 AM - 11.15 AM Andrew Miller
11.15 AM - 11.45 AM Panel
11.45 AM - Noon Break
Noon - 12.30 PM Ittay Eyal
12.30 PM - 1.00 PM Guy Zyskind


Kartik Nayak, Duke
Ittai Abraham, VMware Research
Aniket Kate, Purdue